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Coal Mine Health and Safety Regulatory and Enforcement ...

This was updated to the NSW Work He alth and Safety Act and Regulation(NSW Gov, 2011). The Coal Mine Health and Safety Act 2002 further strengthened the requirements for duty of care and risk management.

All legislation for NSW mining workplaces - NSW Resources ...

The new legislation replaced the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act 2002, Coal Mine Health and Safety Regulation 2006, Mine Health and Safety Act 2004 and Mine Health and Safety Regulation 2007. Amendments to bring petroleum regulation into the WHS (Mines and Petroleum Sites) legislation scheme commenced 1 February 2016.

NSW Government to defy court ruling with legislation to ...

The New South Wales Government's plan to secure the future of a coal mine and power station west of Sydney is met with cautious optimism by the Lithgow community.

Mine subsidence system reforms | Subsidence Advisory NSW

The reforms will take effect from 2018 following the recent passage of the Coal Mine Subsidence Compensation Bill 2017 in NSW Parliament. The changes will see claims for subsidence damage caused by active mining compensated by the mine operator responsible.

National Competition Policy Review of the Coal Mines ...

agencies in implementing the Government's social justice policy, coal mining legislation administered by the Department of Mineral Resources will be developed with a focus on workers' health and safety and the creation of an improved working environment.


Overall, the review showed that the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act is an effective means of regulating safety in NSW coal mines. However, the review found that

New Mining Legislation in NSW - Workplace Health and ...

Workplace Health and Safety Australia. ... Safety and Risk Management in Australia. New Mining Legislation in NSW. by Dave Collins on June 5, 2015. A rundown of the new NSW Mining Legislation. ... (note this summary is focused on coal mines in NSW who conduct mining, not explorative)

Mining | Safe Work Australia

Work Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Act 2013 Health and Safety (Mines and Petroleum Sites) Regulation 2014 More information about NSW's WHS regulatory framework for mining is available at the Department of Industry, Resources and Energy website .

Coal Mining Order 34 | Coal Services

Training and Competence Management Systems. One of the general functions of Coal Services in the Coal Industry Act 2001 (s. 10 (1) (i)) is 'approving training schemes required for a safety management system under the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Act 2013'.

Mining and Petroleum Legislation (NSW/ACT): Online ...

The legislation consists of the key Acts and Regulations on the following topics: Coal Mining, Mining & Fossicking, Mineral Resources, Geothermal Energy, Native Title, Offshore Petroleum, Offshore Minerals, Onshore Petroleum, Pipelines and Uranium.

Read NSW-Mine-Safety-Update-2001-April.pdf text version

ISSN 1444-5174. Department of Mineral Resources. April 2001. 2000th OPAL MINER TO ATTEND SAFETY COURSE. The 2000th miner is expected to attend the Lightning Ridge Miners Course in May - representing a significant step in improving safety in the remote mining …

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dpi nsw gov au minerals safety legislation coal mines … Legislation - NSW Resources and Energy. An outline of all the safety and health legislation that applies to the NSW mining and petroleum industry, including radiation control and explosives legislation.

Work Health and Safety (Mines) Act 2013 - NSW Legislation

Work Health and Safety (Mines) Act 2013 No 54 Part 1 Preliminary 1 Name of Act 2 2 Commencement 2 ... Work Health and Safety (Mines) Act 2013 No 54 New South Wales ... coal mine means a mine where mining operations are carried out with respect to coal.

Mining Regulation 2016 - NSW Legislation

This version of the legislation is compiled and maintained in a database of legislation by the Parliamentary Counsel's Office and published on the NSW legislation website, and is certified as the form of that legislation that is correct under section 45C of the Interpretation Act 1987.

Coal Mine Health and Safety Regulation 2006

Minister for Mineral Resources Explanatory note The aim of the Coal Mine Health and Safety Act 2002 is to secure the health, safety and welfare of people in connection with coal opera tions (which include a ll places of work where ... Coal Mine Health and Safety Regulation 2006.

Court of Coal Mines Regulation of New South Wales - Wikipedia

The Court of Coal Mines Regulation was a court established in New South Wales, a state of Australia to investigate mining accidents and to determine certain offences relating to coal mining. The court was abolished on 23 December 2006.

minimising-particulate-pollution-coal-mines - epa.nsw.gov.au

Minimising particulate pollution at coal mines . There is community concern about the impacts on health and amenity associated with particulate pollution from coal mining in NSW.

Court of Coal Mine Regulation | NSW State Archives

Under the Coal Mines Regulation Act, 1982 (Act No. 67 1982), the Minister for Mineral Resources may direct that a Court of Coal Mine Regulation conduct a formal investigation into any - * accident causing death or serious bodily injury at mine and its causes and circumstances* dangerous occurrence at a mine and its causes and circumstances * practice at a mine which in the opinion of the ...

Independent panel on mining in Sydneys drinking water ...

Professor of Mining Engineering at the School of Mining Engineering, University of New South Wales, Professor Hebblewhite specialises in mining geomechanics, underground mine design and planning, mine safety and risk management and has over forty years' international mining industry experience.

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Resources and Geoscience in NSW. ... Resources Regulator investigating fatality at Bengalla coal mine 4th November 2018. Safety the focus at electrical engineering summit in Sydney ... Small Mines Health and Safety Roadshow Port Macquarie. 20. Nov. 2018. Small Mines Health and Safety Roadshow Dubbo. 21. Nov.

New WHS (Mines Act) for NSW mining industry - Mine ...

The NSW Parliament passed the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Act 2013 on 25 June 2013. The Act was assented on 1 July 2013 but will not commence until the making of the supporting Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulation.

Recommended references - bossi.nsw.gov.au

Work Health and Safety (Mines) Act 2013 and Regulations Surve y and Drafting Directions for Mine Surveyors (NSW Coal) 2013 Survey and Drafting Directions for Mining Surveyors (Metalliferous and Extractive Industries) 2008

dpi nsw gov au minerals safety legislation coal mines

dpi nsw gov au minerals safety legislation coal mines uae KAMY is the worldwide leader in manufacturing hydraulic cutters, road headers, tunnel support systems, and other specialized machinery used in the tunneling, mining, and construction industries.

Coal Mining Regulation & Compliance | Coal Services

Legislation. Coal Services was created upon the dissolution of the Joint Coal Board and introduction of the NSW Government's Coal Industry Act 2001.. Under the Act, Coal Services exercises a number of key statutory functions.

Mining and Resources - Department of Planning and Environment

The NSW Government has released a discussion paper Improving Mine Rehabilitation in NSW to seek feedback on proposed improvements to the regulatory framework for the rehabilitation of major mining projects. This was on public exhibition until Friday 16 February 2018.

Dam risk: Government seeks to water down dam mining ...

The NSW Government's "Dam Safety Bill 2015" was introduced to replace the Dam Safety Act 1978. Among the provisions of the Bill are changes to the powers of the Dam Safety Committee regarding mining …

Statistical publications and reports - NSW Resources Regulator

The Coal Mine Safety Audit Report is the result of recommendations from the 2005 Wran NSW Mine Safety Review that are being fully implemented by the NSW Government. The audit provides tangible evidence of areas where compliance with the legislation could be improved, which will inform a cooperative approach between industry and the mine safety ...

NSW Mining - Latest News - NSW Mining

The NSW Government has introduced legislation to the NSW Parliament to create a new Coal Mine Subsidence Compensation Act. The changes contained in the legislation include: Mine Operators Liable for Subsidence Damage: Mine operators will be made directly liable for subsidence damage caused by their operations.